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We have been supplying Will Kits for various countries in an online and hard copy format since 1994.

Now we also offer The Online Canadian Will Kit. This do-it-yourself will has been specifically designed to be filled in online with instructions at every step. This Will is easy to do, takes only a few minutes and there is heaps of support. You will get access to The Online Canadian Will Kit – an easy to read online version which we strongly suggest you read first before completing your online Will. The kit contains all the information about making your own Will, who to appoint as executor and how, who you should consider as guardian for minor children and how to do this. The Kit contains all the information you need to know to confidently make your own Will legally. The Online Canadian Will Kit comes with helpful step-by-step instructions and the Online Will Form – it is all done for you. All you need to do is decide what you want and follow the instructions to fill out your Online Will Form.

Writing a Will is forward planning, it is the most caring thing you can do for your family and loved ones.
You may think that you don’t need to write a Will, that you don’t have anything to leave, that you are too young, that you are too healthy, you won’t be around so it’s not your problem, or you may think everything will go to your partner/spouse or children anyway, so why bother? … and making a will is expensive!

Let’s dispel a few of these myths, everyone has something to leave, it may be just a few cherished personal items, or it may be major items like a car or house. Whether it is your favorite watch or your home, by making a Will you can be assured your assets will go to whom you choose. You may be in great health now, but we do not know what tomorrow will bring and making a Will is just plain sensible. If you do not make a Will you will be deemed to have died intestate and your assets will be distributed by a formula of law, this does not take into account who may be in your life and who meant more to you.

Making a Will using The Online Canadian Will Kit is not expensive at all, it is on special regularly and it is a once only cost – there are no ongoing costs or monthly subscriptions!

Whether you are young or old, married or single, everyone needs a Legal Will.

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