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Emails not received

If you have ordered and not received your payment receipt, email links, download links or login username and password please check below for the reason.

These emails are generated automatically by the website. The emails are always sent and are always sent quickly. If they have not arrived at your end, it is always because of only two reasons. These are:

  1. Your email program/application/software may have sent the emails to your spam or junk mail folder because your system does not know us or
  2. You may have spelled your email address incorrectly. 

We have not known any other reason for missing emails. If you have not received them yet, the chances are you have a Gmail email address &/or you spelled your email address incorrectly by mistake. See below for information on how to retrieve your missing emails.

Gmail Account holders

If you have a Gmail account, sometimes Gmail spam settings are set quite high by default and will reject our emails. This can be fixed very quickly and easily. 

Click button to see how to fix Gmail settings

Wrong email address

If you have used the wrong email address, simply contact us via the contact us page on this website. Let us know the correct email address and we will reset it as fast as possible.